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We want your shopping experience to be quick, simple, fun and easy. We know personalization is a tricky item, but we are here to help. If you need to contact us regarding any matter within the store, or something seems unclear, please e-mail us. You can call us or send us a note regarding your requests also, and I do get a lot of notes and calls so don't worry. Sometimes these calls come in the middle of the night, when you do your best shopping and you need an answer right away.

We will get back to you with you answers as soon as possible.

You can send photos, graphics, logos, or text to our e-mail address also. In this note try to describe everything you want regarding this purchase. Because we do a lot of personalization, we may e-mail you back with a suggestion, but remember this is just a suggestion, this is your purchase.

Again, we hope you like shopping in our website, and will come back often.

This is a new website for us, so we might have a few problems regarding shipping etc; so please don't hesitate to contact us, this way we can try and get the problem fixed.

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Montana Grannies
Carrie Sibley
Box 204
411 E. Larime
White Sulphur Springs, Montana 59645-0204